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Hi guys we’re James and Sue we are a mature fun couple that love meeting nice well-mannered friendly guys for both fun and friendship.
Sue is a classy lady immaculately dressed and full of fun and quiet rightly very choosy about the people she meets. She is fifty-five years old with a nice figure 34b-26 -34 two piercing one in tummy button and clitoris hood piercing.
She is always clean-shaven when she meets people; she has a lovely smooth but plump pussy, which is tighter than any lady I have ever experienced.
We try not to meet too many people as we like to stay as anonymous as possible 
hence you will see that it looks like we don’t meet at all from the feedback on fabswingers but we have asked the people that we have met not to leave comments. 

I love taking Sue dogging to see her let her hair down a bit and we always seam to have fun when we go. I love the was she gets a little nervous and excited at the same time on the drive there I tease her a little but when I slip my hand in her panties I can tell in an instantly just how excited she really is especial the way she licks her cream from my fingers when I offer them up to her lips. We usually drive down the A31 from Poole to Avon Heath Country Park and see if there’s anything going on near the truck stop and the public toilets. There is a two-car lay-by about twenty yards from the toilets where we pulled up to check it out.  
James flashed the interior lights s few times then popped the car in gear and we slowly moved back onto the main road but this time there were at least three cars behind us as we made our way towards the view point.
We pulled over in to the car park the other cars followed close behind as we pulled up the other cars positioned them selves either side I flicked the light on and off and said well now or never. I leaned over and started kissing then the doors of the cars started to open and clunk shut, god this was getting very horny. But Sue was ready for fun her opening the door ever so slightly gave me a clue. I sat back in the drivers seat and Sue knelt on her seat leaning over to extract my cock and the second it poped out of my jeans she went down on it with a greedy enthusiasm I hadn’t witnessed in years. Her arse was nudging the window knocking the door open a little more each time, this was just too much for me and I took her a little by surprise as I shot my load deep into her mouth and maybe down her throat. 
Dogging fun

She spluttered out “I need a lot more of that” and pushed her ass against the window and the door flew open, she stepped out of the car and in moments she had four guys around her. One of the mature guys he must have been in his seventies already had his cock out and as the younger guy was groping and lifting her dress he kept nudging his cock into her.   
Sue doing a little show for a guy we met earlier in the Midlands we were staying at this nice hotel just outside Birmingham

It was a really relaxed evening Sue had spotted this guy at the hotel bar and I could see in her eyes that she was lusting after him. She got his attention very quickly when she allowed her dress to ride up just a little but enough to show the shinny clasp of her suspender belt. It was so obvious that he was feeling a little uncomfortable so I thought I would give Sue a fighting chance and retired for the evening. I was not sure what would happen next I gave her a fifty- fifty chance of pulling this guy. Well it went in her feverous I didn’t believe her to start with until she showed me these photo from her cell phone and said, the horny bitch had only got him to take photos as she was teasing him.   

If you want to meet me please email me.
I could not believe how quickly this all happened normally there’s a slow build up to a little bit of fondling and caressing but this was a whole different thing fuck it was so horny. It was more like rape but she was in no distress at all so I let her guide me if she wanted help she would of shouted or screamed out instead she was grinding back on the guys getting them as deep as she could. I was wanking myself off with one hand and taking photos on my phone with the other.
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Hello guys and girls how are you all; well we are a mature couple that like to meet guys for occasional fun and games. We tend to play more in the spring and summer months as we have a boat on the south coast that affords us a degree of anonymity that’s always a good thing. 

We spend loads of time on our boat we are also nudists so we get to the beaches as often as possible. We both like scuba and flying but not much time to do them. We also love motorbikes and cars and had lots of fun touring in the past. James is a keen amateur photographer and loves to take any opportunity to practice lol. We also enjoy the simple pleasures of going out for a drink or a meal, maybe just strolling down the seafront or a walk in the forest and even taking the time to site with a G & T reading a book.

What are we like?
We Sue is fifty-five years old she is slim she has more wrinkles on her face than she would like but hay life goes on. She has a nice tidy size 10 body a tummy piercing and a clit hood piercing no tattoos but lovely smooth shaven pussy. Sue likes to look smart and elegant but equally willing to role-play for fun and has a nice selection of thigh boots leather and PVC clothing. She also has a vast amount of sex toys from a sybain fucking machine to vibrating panties and just about every think in-between.

Well we are not that experience considering our age but we have lived a little, we started going to a nudist club in 1980 “South Hants Sun Club” and met so many really nice people there I know it’s frowned upon in nudist clubs but we did have fun. In those days we had very little money and would erect our tent in the grounds of the club for the end of June begging of July each summer. We have such fond memories we met our first swinging couple there I say swinging couple but in those days we really know nothing about swingers, we just spent a week with them sun bathing playing mini ten lots of drinking and barbecues and communal showers. By the beginning of the second week our conversations were getting a little more explicit and the we were taking longer and longer in the shower block until I “James” a twenty year old boy at the time could not resist the beautifully smooth wet soapy body of a twenty three year old fellow nudist she was only 5” 3’, we embraced and kissed under the hot shower as we rinsed the soap off each others slippery bodies. When I went back to the tent with a semi erection that I had to explain away to Sue it sort of set the tone for the rest of the week gradually we all started soaping each other up and exploring or wet nakedness. On the last day of our holiday we needed to use up all of the food and drink so we decided to start the bbq early we fired it up at about four o’clock in the afternoon sorry about this all you younger people here the old bbq had to warm up for an hour or more to burn off the charcoal and lighter fluid. Well as we all sat there in the sun chatting and drinking the girl were starting to tease use a little you know coming up and massaging sun oil into our shoulders and back Kim asked me if I want some oil on my chest then looked over to Sue and gave a little wink. I laughed and said go on then, facing me she sat on my lap and took a load of oil in her hand and moved it slowly towards my chest deliberately dribbling it between us. I glanced over at Sue and Mark they were trying to hold back the laughter Sue o James what’s happening to your self control you know erection aren’t tolerated here. I looked down between us her legs were so stretched apart from straddling me her pussy was gaping open in front of me, I kept saying to myself don’t look don’t think about it, that’s the way I keep control in a nudist club normally but this was a different ball game all together. She was deliberately running her hands slowly over me and I just lost my well-practiced control. I could feel my cock filling with blood and it was on the move there is no way to stop this now my growing erection was starting to extend between her lips when she bust out laughing and dropped down on me. I gasped but to my surprise she sprang to her feet turning to the others and said I know it couldn’t hold back they all had a good laugh at my expense and continued drinking and there I was with an eight inch cock in the middle of a nudist club. The drinking continued and we ended up in one of the tents four of us drinking and chatting the gas light it was the most memorable night of my life the girls started kissing and it just got better and better and remember back in the 80’s we never used condoms.

1980 - 1990 Ten years of fun in nudist clubs

1990 - 2115 I started going dogging and a year later stared taking Sue with me

1990 - 2000 At the age of thirty we started meeting couples at home

1990 - 2115 We stopped going to nudist clubs and played on nude beaches

1991 - 2115 We were introduced to the sand dunes

1991 - 2115 We stared to play in hotels more meeting guys

1994 - 2115 The hotels were fun and Sue tried her first gangbang

1999 - 2001 We had a live in cleaner she was twenty-two big fuck up

2001 The cleaner was asked to leave

2001 - 2110 Our sex life suffered

Back on track and looking for fun