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Some years ago in a Gatwick Hotel

I was staying over in the hotel due to a flight delay; James and I were having a drink in the airport bar before going back to the room. Well to cut a very long story short we got a little tipsy and got chatting to a South African guy at the bar he was a nice enough guy but a bit flirty I thought, he was sliding his hand between the seat and my ass cheeks I kept them pinned tight to the bench to start with. This was starting to get a little bit horny and James had consumed way too much to drink to be much of a lover so I rolled onto my other cheek as I reached for my drink. When I rolled back I was sitting on the strangers hand talking about flight delays and the fucking weather as my juices started to coat his fingers they just slipped inside me, that just prompted me to squirm even more. James by this time was slurring and obviously pissed I know his weaknesses one of them is taking photos so I took a chance and suggested we go back to the hotel room and he can take some photos of me. James jumped at the chance and finished his drink; I squirmed on the guy’s hand and winked at him to prompt a response, “James would mind if I come back with you to watch” James laughed and said the more the merrier.   

Back in the room James sat on the chair and set the video up and pointed it at the bed and said go on then Sue do your thing give me some horny posses.  I stared stretching and slowly stripping for him and to be honest I had already creamed my pussy sitting in the bar so I was feeing very horny. Mark smiled and looked over at James, he was snoring, how the fuck could he go to sleep in the middle of making a video “bastard”.  Well the camera is still running so what say we give James a treat, Mark smiled and said what do you mean, well at some point James will say he didn’t fall asleep so lets give him something to view on the cam when he wakes up.


I patted the bed and said come over here and let me show you what you’ve done to me playing in the bar. He lay down I through a leg over him and climbed on his face pulling my panties to one side. 

I rubbed my pussy up and down his nose until my lips were spread over his face being careful to lift off occasionally to allow him to take a breath. His face became so slippery I was doing a face slide, his nose rubbing over my clit and his tong darting in and out of my wet pussy. As my orgasm was building I glanced over to James he was still fast asleep, my pace was quickening Marks ability to breath was decreasing by the second with my pussy becoming more of a limped as his face was covered in my wet pussy. Swinging my leg over I went into a 69 making sure he never stopped working his magic on my wet pussy.


I started to unbutton his jeans his hard cock just sprang out for my pleasure and I would make sure that I drained every last drop of pleasure out of him before the night was over. He was red in the face the lack of air but I was not letting him up he was pinned down is cock sliding in and out of my mouth and increasingly into my throat as he thrust his hips towards my head. 


I needed to let him calm down a little so I rolled off him and lay face down on the bed I could feel him spreading my legs and instinctively raise my ass in the air. His hands spread my cheeks wide leaving my pussy and ass gaping then buried his face deep in me. I could smell the aroma of sex it was intoxicating my inner pussy was pulsating uncontrollable trying to grasp his tong as it darted in and out of me. I was feeling a warm wave coming over me and started to go into spasms this was not going to be dignified I was going to cum in the complete strangers mouth. Suddenly I exploded with orgasmic pleasure pushing back into his face and covering him with my juices before collapsing back on the bed panting and glistening.     



Fuck my hard while my husband drives the boat


_DSC1654.jpgCan you imagine us cruising on a nice summers day James making sure with were safe leaving you free to climb aboard me and fuck the living daylight out of me. The cum runs out of me as I relax on the back of the boat


My pussy juices cover your cock making it so easy for you to slide deep into me time and time again.



I love entertaining mature 

DSC_3363 copy.jpg

Hi guys I'm Sue a mature English lady that still loves to have fun with guys and sometimes couples. Just imagine meeting me I'm wearing nothing more that a long thin dress 


Some times I like to meet more than one man but I always manage to satisfy them all


I love meeting more than one man on some occasions and allow them to use me to the full with no holes bared fun and games all night long.


Tell me what your into

Posted by sue on
That made me very wet and sticky
Posted by Jim on
Just the way you like it I imagine
Posted by alantenna987 on
im alantennant98 on kik. Im into couples and women. Im straight. Tall fit nice looking 8inch cock x would play with you x
Posted by alantenna987 on
Posted by bri789 on
When can we play Sue Bri789
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