Hi guys I am James and this is my wife Sue in the above photo
Sue sun bathing in Weymouth Dorset, I get great pleasure sitting and watching her innocently bathing but at the same time I know what she likes to do.
I love the way she works on the boat putting the fenders on after a day at Studland beach.
I drive the boat but all the time my eyes are peeling back the layers of the day and the sounds of the fist guy to enter her that morning.
This is my wife Sue we had just arrived at Studland beach after a slow trip through Poole harbour she had just slipped her jeans and t-shirt off but couldnít resist a good look around the beach to see if the were and signs of the guys that said they would be there that day.
My cock is swollen in my shorts as I mentally undress her knowing how swollen her shaven pussy must be. I know she wonít do a lot on the beach but itís the torching and constant sexual stimulation of seeing guys sitting with my wife and seeing her flirting with them that stimulates me. 
Just a guy on the beach wanking over my wife
Occasionally we bring a guy back to our boat from the beach and I will get the drinks as Sue enjoys some well-deserved oral pleasures. Some time I will just sit their watch and listen to the seductive slurping and groans of my wife pleasuring another man god itís so hard not to cum there and then.     
Some times I have to laugh Sue tells me that being a naturist is all about the fresh air and freedom but when I see her sitting in the sand dunes at Studland beach I think you will agree that her swollen gapping pussy is a dead giveaway about whatís going through her mind.
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