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This is Sue form Dorset about to take one of her dogging friends and as the song goes the only way is up.
Sue from Dorset
This is one of Sue’s amateur dogging videos I just love the close-up of her being fucked bareback in the open air

It's great the way she rubs his cock around her pussy lips and the sound of her wet cunt and the slow motion shot of the cum dripping out of her just turns me on
Sue love meeting groups as well as 121 fun. Her nipples erect and her pussy swells and moistens just at the thought of meeting them.
mailto:sue@matureenglishlady.com https://twitter.com/MatureEnglish http://matureenglishlady.com/page1.html http://matureenglishlady.com/myvideos.html
Sue from Dorset
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