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I take her out into the woods with nothing but a light summer dress to shroud her naked body. I know there are people watching us I can hear the twigs cracking and the rustle of the leaves but never the less I
encourage her by lifting the camera, ďgo on babe love the camera yes thatís it go for itĒ.

Sue is totally oblivious to the noise of the guys starting to gather in the bushes and continues to pose for me. A tiny tug on the thin stretchy dress and out pops her tits which she starts she cups and fondles for me and the camera. Iím not taking the time to compose the shots as long as she can hear the click click clicking of that camera she just keeps going.

She always gets so turned doing this for me but with the was humid air of the forest and the light dress
caressing her as she moves for the camera starts turning her on, her nipples erect as she cups pinches
and quizzes them. She know I get turned on taking photos of her and I see her glance over to me and a
little impish smile as she sees the bulge in my jeans. This just encourages her to be very naughty as her had reaches down to her lovely shaven pussy, a little grin to me as she slips inside herself slowly parting her swollen lips I hide myself behind the camera I just donít what to put her off in any way.

Her fingers slipped deeper and deeper I could tell she was turned on with the ease of entry and the way she cupped her shaven pussy bulge with her palm to maximize her clitoral pleasure as her fingers thrust in and out. She started to moan as her fingers thrashed in and out of her the sound of her wet pussy being destroyed by self lust and passion, every thrust of her fingers made her juices squelch.

Then there was stillness and you could only hear the gentle breeze rustling the leave in the threes. She
let out a deep hart felt sigh of relief and took a few slow and deliberate steps towards me with a big smile on her face she reach up and ran her wet fingers over my lips then parted her own and very slowly sucked then clean.

I hope the they all enjoyed it as much as me Sue said with a board smile, ďwho!Ē the guys wanking themselves of hidden in the bushes I counted at least five, so yes I can multi task, model finger fuck myself and count all at the same time aren't I a clever girl lol. Come on letís get back to the car Iím sure these guys have work to do.